Private Dining

Private Dining

16 years after opening, Vetri has expanded its dining offerings to include a private dining room on the second floor of our 1312 Spruce Street address.

The venue itself evokes the same rustic charm and elegance as the main dining room, but with the benefit of a separate dedicated kitchen, chef's counter, dining space, and service staff.  By design, the private dining room ensures that you and your guests enjoy the same tailored, customized experience that we have offered since chef Vetri first opened his doors in 1998. As the flagship of the Vetri family of restaurants, Vetri’s private dining space is ideal for guests interested in the unparalleled quality of food, wine, and service with which the Vetri name has become synonymous, as well as the luxury of a completely private setting, ensuring the utmost intimacy for you and your guests.

The private dining room is currently available for a variety of gatherings, including aperitivo hours, cocktail parties, private classes, and seated dinners. In addition, the private dining space will serve as the premier location for wine dinners, cooking classes, and other unique events for which a limited number of tickets will be available for purchase (tickets for these events can be found by clicking here). The private dining room can be reserved for seated dinners of up to 18 guests at our formal dining table, up to 10 guests for an intimate chef's counter experience, or up to 45 guests for a reception-style event.

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To plan your private dining experience at Vetri, please contact our events coordinator at or, 215-732-3478.

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