The Vetri tasting menu is the sole dining offering, priced at $155 per person.  Each menu is custom tailored for you when you arrive and we are always able to accommodate allergies and dietary restrictions.

di Pesce (fish)

nizzarda with kampachi
risotto stuffed orata with cannellini bisque
pimenton chitarra with octopus
lobster fusilli with saffron
whole fish "secondo il mercato"

di Terra (from the earth)

salt baked quail
ragu bolognese with rigatoni
duck ravioli with pinot nero
capretto with stone milled polenta
porcelet with potato sott'olio

di Verdure (vegetable)

morel sandwich
pea and ricotta tart
asparagus flan
sweet onion crepe with truffle fonduta
agnolotto with pistachio
spinach gnocchi with brown butter
almond tortellini with truffle sauce

Dolce (dessert)

chocolate polenta souffle
pistachio flan with milk chocolate gelato
blueberry baked alaska
cafe affogato
piccolo pasticceria