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Vetri’s Spin on Pesto in the WSJ

Jan 19 2010 Posted in: Vetri 0 comments

Many believe that pesto is simply the traditional mix of basil, pine nuts, and oil, but in this great article from the Wall Street Journal, we are offered a peek at some delicious variations on the traditional recipe, including one of Vetri's own! 

"The word "pesto" has its roots in the Italian word for "pestle," and it means the technique of using a mortar and pestle (or more often nowadays, a food processor) to make a flavorful paste combining garlic, nuts and oil with vegetables or herbs."

Vetri's variation:

Walnuts + Grapeseed Oil
In a food processor, blend a half-cup each of olive and grapeseed oils with a half clove of garlic until garlic is finely chopped. On medium speed, incorporate a cup of walnuts. Process on high until mixture is smooth. Season with sherry vinegar, salt and pepper. 
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