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Vetri Foundation’s Eatiquette Program at Community Partnership School

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"You have to try it"

"I hope we have it next year."

"I like the fish tacos with the salsa."

The students at Community Partnership School by all accounts loved their new school lunch program. Not just the delicious meal but also the more fun, more social, family style of eating. The staff loved it too, having to deal with less behavior problems after the kids ate a healthy lunch.

Says Eric Jones, head of Community Partnership School, "This has been a godsend...working with Vetri, incorporating Eatiquette...It's helped us see that it actually is affordable. It's not that hard to provide healthy alternatives for school meals."

Not that hard, and sorely needed. Nearly 1/3 children today are overweight or obese. Says Michelle Obama, "The physical and emotional health of an entire generation and the economic health and security of our nation is at stake."


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